Fiberglass rebar grid

Design guides

In addition to our high-performance composite wire mesh, BINEVIR has developed a proprietary process for creation of custom mesh sheets comprised of our industry-leading fiberglass reinforcement bars and custom connectors produced from durable recycled plastic. We named these sheets “Rebar Grid“. We can produce rebar grids in various sizes (up to 7′ X 19′) and utilize #2. #3 and #4 reinforcement bars, depending on the application specifications.
Our custom process of fabricating rebar grid sheets eliminates costly labor-intensive tedious process of tying reinforcement bars manually onsite to achieve similar “heavy-grid” effect. In addition, BINEVIR rebar grid sheets are considerably sturdier and more durable than their manually-tied siblings and maintain their geometric shape better for higher precision during pouring of concrete.
Our Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) rebar, used in construction of the rebar grid sheets, are durable reinforcing bars composed of high-quality fiberglass fibers sealed by a strong and resistant bonding agent. This results in high performance material with exceptional performance characteristics, such as: 2+ times the tensile strength of comparable steel bars, 5-7 X lighter than steel, completely non-corrosive and non-conductive of electricity and heat, non-deforming from temperature fluctuations, alkali and chemically resistant, fully eco-friendly and longer lasting. In addition, our composite bars are sand-coated on the outside surface, which enhances its bonding strength with concrete and greatly reduces hand damage from splintering during product handling.
BiNEVIR Rebar Grid sheets can be effectively applied in many concrete reinforcement applications for reduction of cracking and improved load distribution. While it is often impossible to eliminate concrete cracking completely, our rebar grids can be highly effective in keeping the material together if and when the cracks do appear, even in demanding thermal and chemical environments and extreme load-intensive installations. This results in significant reduction in maintenance costs and greatly extends longevity and superior performance of the project.
When switching form the steel rebars and mesh to GFRP equivalents it is always important to adhere to applicable guidelines and verify the project design specifications.

More details
  • Absolute corposition resistance
  • Alkali resistance
  • High strength
  • Low weight
  • Absolute eco-friendlines and fire-safety
  • Roads and driveways
  • Parking garages
  • Foundations of private houses
  • Retaining walls
  • Pavements
  • Water channels and ponds, marine construction
  • Industrial floors and roads
  • Seawalls, bridges, overpasses
  • Railings and fences
  • Slabs and concrete fences
  • Flat works
  • Precast