Fiberglass wire mesh

Composite wire mesh is produced using FRP wires that are arranged perpendicular to each other and securely fixed at the cross point. The cross-joints of the mesh are then reinforced with a high-strength polymer composition, significantly enhancing the reliability and durability of the structure. Key advantages of our composite mesh is its lightweight, thin design and lack of memory during unrolling (in case of rolls). These characteristics greatly simplify transportation and on-side handling, while reducing project costs, making it a practical choice for construction projects. Fiberglass wire mesh mesh is specifically engineered to replace traditional metal mesh commonly employed for reinforcement in various construction structures. Its application in civil and industrial construction is particularly well-suited for aggressive and humid environments, chemical industries, sewage treatment plants, agriculture, septic tanks, vaults, and hydraulic structures. By utilizing our fiberglass wire mesh, construction professionals can ensure the longevity and resilience of their projects, even in challenging conditions. Its innovative design, construction and superior performance make it ideal for reinforcing structures in demanding environments.

More details
  • No memory, unrolls flat
  • Rust free
  • 3x lighter than steel
  • Lower installation cost
  • 2x stronger than steel
  • Easier to haul
  • Slab-On-Ground temperature and shrinkage control reinforcement
  • Concrete structure rehabilitation
  • Shotcrete reinforcement
  • Precast concrete reinforcement