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Binevir factory is obtaining BBA certification

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) drives industry safety and quality by providing services that help clients through enabling innovation, identifying risk and demonstrating fitness-for-purpose. Since 1966, the BBA has built its position as an independent certification body in the Construction and Civil Engineering Industries, working with organisations from over 72 countries globally, and proudly enabling the innovation of products and systems.
A rich heritage of expertise and skill, coupled with a collaborative approach to working in partnership with Industry, underpins an acute focus on construction innovation of the future. Through extensive product and system research, testing and certification, auditing, and inspection, the BBA helps to instil confidence throughout the construction and manufacturing supply chain in both the UK and Global marketplaces.
The products offered by Binevir have gained significant popularity in Great Britain. This can be attributed to their exceptional mechanical properties and their ability to reduce carbon emissions. As a result, composite materials have become widely utilized in the construction industry throughout the UK. These materials are not only prevalent in residential and commercial projects, but they are also being employed in various infrastructural endeavors at both the governmental and municipal levels.

To ensure that our esteemed customers in the UK receive top-notch products, BBA certification has become an essential requirement for Binevir. This certification serves as a testament to the high quality and consistency of the products manufactured by our company. The BBA Mark is an undeniable recognition of our unwavering commitment to maintaining stringent quality control measures and delivering exceptional product performance.

Arif Ganiev, the CEO of Binevir, emphasizes the significance of obtaining BBA certification: “We believe that this achievement serves as a crucial indicator of the superior quality and reliability of our products. It showcases the dedication and hard work we have put into ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best.